At CrossFit 719, our community is about encouragement—to set goals, meet them and then push yourself to the next level of fitness. Adding CrossFit to your life is just one part of what we’re all about. We’re committed to helping you become:


We want everyone at CrossFit 719 to be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally. So get ready to swap recipes for a new healthy side dish and be prepared to hear your community cheer you on in a heavy lift.


Our coaches get to know you—and know when it’s time to push you to the next level. There’s no plateauing in CrossFit. You’ll soon find “stronger” correlating to areas of your life both inside and outside the gym.

More active

After joining CrossFit, a lot of people find their hobbies shift from watching movies on the couch every weekend to running a 5k for fun. Our community is on the move most of the time. Join us for a weekend hike, a ski trip, a trip to the dog park.

More balanced

Obsessions get us nowhere, but dedication does. We’re committed to embodying a holistic lifestyle that allows us to invest in the people who matter most in our lives.


How to Get Started at Crossfit 719

Step 1: Try out CrossFit 719!

If you’ve heard about, seen or even dabbled in CrossFit but are not sure that it is the right fit for you, this class is for you!

At the session we will do brief introductions: we want to hear about your goals and athletic background and then we’ll show you our facility and give you an idea of how we coach and operate at CrossFit 719. After that, our CrossFit-certified trainers will instruct you on some basic movement and run you through a short workout.

After a good sweat, we will answer any questions you may have and can even get you signed up for Step 2!

Let’s do this!

Step 2: Sign-up for CRAWL-WALK-RUN

You’ve decided CrossFit is for you and you are ready to roll!

All of our athletes start with our CRAWL-WALK-RUN Intro Course. Since we know life and your schedule can be a bit crazy, we schedule these classes on your time with one of our CrossFit-certified trainers. See the Membership and Pricing page for the program costs.

In these sessions you will learn the essentials of safe mechanics, good movement and our basic gym etiquette (how to use the barbells, bands, rings, etc.) Most importantly you’ll leave with the confidence to join group classes! Each day of your course will address a number of supporting and essential concepts like hydration, nutrition, mobility, recovery, managing training volume, goal setting and much more.

After you complete the Intro Course you have the remainder of the month to ‘test drive’ our Unlimited CrossFit membership. This allows you to try out different classes, class times, coaches and see what fits your schedule and budget.

Private (1-on-1) intro 3 sessions scheduled according to your availability
includes the remainder of the month on a FREE unlimited membership
contact us to set up your personal training!

Step 3: You are ready for group classes!

Head over to our PRICING page, decide which membership you would like to start out with and then contact us to confirm your billing preferences.

Reserve Your Spot in Our Next Intro Program

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