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  • 16SEP


    As we progress at 719 we have come to a huge milestone…a competitor’s class! As we move forward with this class we want to make sure everything about this class is clear. We have worked very hard to create a progressive environment where athletes can grow and be the best that they can be and now we have the chance to push a team to the regional level. With this in mind, we had to come up with a way for everyone to have the chance at being on this team and I think we have come up with a good way. Below are some guidelines we have come up with to be on the 719 Team –

    • 16 Athlete spots available (8 male/8 female)
    • Competitor programming and class come with additional cost (outside programming)
    • Must have Rx Competition experience
    • Ability to complete benchmark WODs Rx’d

    As always our programming for the gym will stay very progressive and challenging, pushing all to the utmost level. At any point if you want a place on the 719 Team you can approach a coach and arrange a tryout. During the tryout you will have the ability to challenge any team member for their place on 719 Team. Understand the team is limited to 16 spots and we had to decide who took those spots initially. The 719 Family is strong and this addition will only make our gym stronger. Thank you very much for being a part of the 719 family.

  • 16SEP


    60 Cal Row
    3 Rounds
    20 OHS (95/135)
    100 Double Unders


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